The Compound




Later that same night in Caracas

After making sure that the General is fine for the night, after doing his share of drinking and carousing in the bar of the hotel and turning down his choice of lovelies with the excuse of jet lag, Conner Donnelly unlocks the door to his hotel room. He checks it carefully making sure that everything is exactly how he left it. Since this is the first safe opportunity he gets on the internet and starts searching the star charts for South America. It's an ancient mariners skill that he'd learned as a lark and an inexact one with just memory to guide him. There is a map of South America and he roughs out a circle with Caracas as the center doing a guesstimate of how much ground the private jet could have covered in an hour. If Dad was really serious about this... he could probably get a fix on the runway from an overhead satellite. But it would take a hell of a lot more than a worried mother fussing about her daughter's company. It took some serious juice and favors called in to get a satellite repositioned.

Taking a break from the fun stuff he gets down to the business of the WSB. He writes up the days events and how it would effect the General's country. What the plans were and the timeframe that had been developed over dinner and the drinks down in the hotel lobby.

Then he gives the bonus report with everything he'd observed about Alcazar. Alcazar is a person of interest to the WSB. The Arms dealer's brother had been helpful on occasion. Just helpful enough, just often enough, to keep the WSB off their backs. But everything that the WSB has was on Luis, and the existing file on Lorenzo is pitifully thin. Tracking down Caroline Corinthos might actually come in handy to fatten up the Alcazar file.

With the click of an enter button it's on it's way to his father.

Who must still be awake. His cell phone starts ringing. "So what do you think?"

"I think that you've gone as far as your going to go with the General."

"You want me to find out more about Alcazar?"

"How likely is it that your cover has been compromised?" Sean asks. Con hesitates before answering. Saying no would be easy but something was kinda off tonight. Sean notices the pause and jumps on it. "How bad?"

Con sighs. "Best Guess? Enough to not be able to go to Alcazar covertly. There was something off in the woman's attitude. She was nicer to me than the General."

"I've read up on the General. Is that really a surprise? So what should I tell Bobbie?" Sean asks.

"I don't know about that, Dad. Do you think it would be any comfort to Bobbie that the General thinks that Carly is Alcazar's wife?" Con says wryly.


"Oh Alcazar doesn't say so. Carly doesn't say so. But she's referred to as The Senora. She's wearing a hell of a rock. And she's Alcazar's hostess and has been for as long as the General has been going to Venezuela to see Lorenzo. And since this Alcazar has always been so low profile there is no reason to think that he hasn't had a family stashed away all this time."

Sean groans. "What the hell am I going to tell Bobbie? Did you see the boy? Michael?"



"Yeah, and the subject of kidnapping didn't go over well either. What do you want me to do?"

"You get a fix on the location?"

Con snorts at that. "Alcazar has it serious about security. Metal detectors getting on the plane and before getting off. No electronics. No GPS. I think it's in Venezuela. I'm pretty sure it's in South America. In the mountains. It was about ten degrees cooler than Caracas. Sweet runway. Wasn't a bump on it."

"Really?" Sean's voice is considering, like his son he believes that might be the best clue. "What kind of plane?"

"Gulfstream IV I think. One of the big ones. Plenty of room to stretch out in the passenger area. Doubt he picked it up at a DEA auction." 500+ mile per hour cruising speed.

"Get some sleep, Con." Need a runway way longer than a ball field for that one, at least 3500 feet, 4000 would be better.

Con can tell from his father's voice that the old man is going to be pulling out his maps and charts as well. They'd compare notes in the morning. "Don't stay up too late, Dad. Tiff will kill me."

Alcazar shuts his phone. Now was not the time for Corinthos to have problems with his phone line. And to not be answering his cell phone. He had resources in Port Charles but it would take them time to track Corinthos down in person. The Doctor comes out onto the balcony. "How is she doing? Still in the shower?"

The doctor shakes his head no. "She's asking for her husband. The labor is progressing rapidly. If her husband isn't already on the way here..."

Alcazar puts on his game face and gives the doctor a nod. He puts the phone away and walks into the room.

"Sonny's on his way." Carly's hair is dark-- wet from the shower and laboring.


"I want to talk to Sonny."


"You son of a bitch!" Carly screams. "I've done everything! Everything I was supposed to do! You were supposed to have him here. He's supposed to be here. I can't do this on my own!"

"You will." Alcazar demands.

"NO!" Carly cries out her body hunching over itself as a another contraction starts. They seem to be coming right on top of each other now. The doctor brushes Alcazar aside and goes to his patient.

Lorenzo takes a step back and almost steps on Michael who is watching everything wide eyed. "Is Mama going to die? Is there something wrong with the baby?"

Lorenzo steers him out onto the balcony away from Carly and the Doctor. "The doctor tells me that everything is fine. You will have a baby brother or sister by morning."

"Why won't you let Mama call Uncle Sonny, Jefe?" Michael asks demandingly.

"Your mother is busy with other things. Besides I already called him and he's not answering his phone." Alcazar shrugs. "It's too late for him to be here before the birth of the baby. I'm sure he'll be here soon. Just not today."

Michael frowns his eyes going squinty. He can remember when he was staying with Sonny before staying with Mama in Venezuela. There had been nights when he'd had a nightmare and had not been able to wake Sonny. He'd been sleeping so hard and smelt funny. Luckily Uncle Jason and Aunt Courtney were right across the hall. "Can I call Uncle Jason?"

"You know his number?"


Alcazar pulls his phone out ready to dial "Digame." Michael starts calling out the number. He waits as the Jefe listens. "It's ringing." He holds the phone out to Michael.

Michael takes the phone and listens to the ring. Finally. "Uncle Jason..."

Jason puts his hand up in his companion's face to shut them up. "Michael? What are you doing up so late? Where are you? Is everything all right?"

"Mama's having the baby and the Jefe tried to call Uncle Sonny but he's not answering his phone and Mama's really upset. I told Jefe he should call you, Uncle Jason."

"Buddy, let me talk to Alcazar." Jason waits while Michael hands the phone to Alcazar. "You tried to call Sonny?"

"There is no answer at either the penthouse or the cell phone. The plane is at the airport. It will be leaving within the hour with or without Corinthos on it." Alcazar hangs up the phone.

Jason swears.

Johnny looks in the rear view mirror. "Bad news, Jase?"

"Yeah, I don't have time for this crap. Pull up to the front."

"It's November! You can't do this! I'll freeze to death!" Faith protests.

"Sonny said nothing paid for with his money. And you won't freeze. I'm just giving the FBI back their ho. I'm sure the building is manned 24 hours. Now you want to get out of the car or do you want me to push you out while it's moving?"

"Great choice." Faith sneers. "You know you really are a cold bastard!"

Jason unlocks the door and shoves it open the limo hasn't quite come to a stop yet.

"I'm going. I'm going." Faith shivers as she slides over to the door. "Would it kill you to just let me take this?" Faith refers to the thin throw in the back of the limo.

Jason shrugs. "It would be worth it to get rid of you."

"You're all heart." Faith steps out onto the shoveled walk in her bare feet. The throw wrapped around her nude body.

Johnny in a show of solidarity to Carly pulls the limo from the curb with a flourish of spinning tires that throws muddy slush up on the sidewalk and all over the shivering woman standing there in disbelief. "The Penthouse?"

"Yeah." Jason pulls out his phone and starts making calls to verify what Alcazar had told him. "As fast as you can without getting a ticket." Jason swears again and then calls Max. "Max, yeah, it's Jason. Will you go into the penthouse and find out why Sonny isn't answering the phone? I'd ask Courtney but...." Jason nods at Max's answer. "I'll wait. Cause as soon as you get hold of Sonny I need to talk to him."

There is a long pause while Max goes into the penthouse. "Um... Jase... he's out cold passed out."

Jason starts cursing and closes his eyes. "Dump him in the shower."

"He's going to kill me."

"Yeah, if he finds out that Carly is having the baby and he missed it cause you were too chickenshit to throw him in the shower to get him in some kind shape to get on the plane."

Max groans. "How long I got?"

"We'll be there in ten."

Despite all the stress. Despite the high blood pressure. Despite having more doctors that had been disbarred than certified. Despite the broccoli. Despite not seeing ankles for the last two months unless they were on top of a pillow to try to get the swollen ankles to go down. Despite the splotchy skin and the stretch marks and the spider vein that had popped. Despite all that... it's worth it.

"Is he okay? Is he okay?" Carly pants falling back against the pillows behind her back. The baby had cried without any prompting. That was good right?

The doctor continues to work on Carly doing the final clean ups. The maid that would be helping out with Nanny duties cleans up the baby cooing at it the whole time. Alcazar comes over and takes the baby from the Nanny and brings it over to Carly. "She is fine."

"She?!" Carly reaches for the baby doing her best to ignore Lorenzo while she focuses on her. She says with a coo in her voice "Well Daddy better be careful what he wished for. Cause if Grandma Bobbie is right; Daddy's little girl'll be just like me with her father's dimples."

Alcazar winces at the thought. Yes, it would be a sensible father's nightmare. "Have you picked out a name?"

"Is it okay? Can I come in?" Michael hesitates by the door. Carly makes sure that everything is covered and then waves Michael in. Michael races to the side of the bed and climbs in next to his mother. He peers at the baby and for once doesn't say what he's thinking. The kid is severely funny looking with a red face and smooshed head. Heads aren't supposed to look that way. "Since I'm named after Uncle Sonny, this baby is supposed to be named after Uncle Jason."

"I don't think that Jason is a proper name for a girl." Alcazar tells Michael.

"It's a girl?" Michael doesn't quite know what to think of that one.

"Morgan. Morgan Leigh." Carly announces to the room at large not looking up from her examination of the baby.

Michael leans in and unable to resist finally blurts out. "Mama, is she supposed to look like that?"

Carly laughs and nods her head. "Yeah, pretty much."


"First look at you I got you were in an incubator and had tubes running out of you every which way. Sure, your head wasn't smushy but you also had to have surgery right when you were born too. Miss Morgan Leigh is just fine." Carly looks at the doctor for verification.

"Ten out of ten, Senora." The doctor agrees. "But now I think it is time for you to rest. You'll be getting little enough sleep over the next months."

Michael looks over at Alcazar who gives a tilt of his head to indicate it is time for them to leave as well. Michael gives his mother a kiss and then carefully kisses the new baby. "Night Mama, Night Morgan." He climbs off the bed and heads toward his room.

Alcazar steps out of the room with the Doctor. Carly looks at the baby and then at the nanny. She really wants another shower but even putting the baby down for a minute seemed too long. The nanny goes over to the door that leads to the balcony and locks it. "There, Senora. Now you can leave the door open to the bathroom and hear every cry. And I will make up the bed with fresh linens for you... very fast so I will get to hold the precious girl."

Carly looks longingly at the bathroom and then down at the baby who has already fallen asleep as it's been a long night for her as well. "I'll just be a minute." Carly carefully puts the baby in the bassinette that is by her bed and goes over to her dresser to pull out yet another set of nightclothes.

Out on the balcony, the doctor takes a cigar from Alcazar and accepts a light. He takes a quick puff of the Cuban and then really relaxes. "Ah."

"What is Mrs. Corinthos condition?"

"Condition, Jefe?"

"How soon can she resume her normal activities."

The doctor looks at Alcazar curiously but doesn't ask any questions. "The standard is six weeks for... intimate activities. For other activities..." The doctor shrugs. "That varies; I wouldn't recommend a hike in the mountains for example."

"You wouldn't, but could she?" Alcazar suggests.

The doctor realizes where Alcazar is going with this. "Yes. It would not be easy. I have often found that mothers do what they feel is necessary. It might kill them but they will try."

"This is what I thought as well. Thank you, Doctor." Since Alcazar isn't moving the Doctor takes it as his invitation to leave. And with a nod he does so.

Simon comes up after the doctor leaves. "Congratulations are in order?"

"A baby girl. Mother and child are fine." Alcazar informs his head of security as he hands him a cigar. "Double the guards starting tonight."

The order catches Simon off guard and he hesitates in taking the cigar for just an instant before taking it with a frown. "There has been no word from Mr. Corinthos, Mr. Morgan or that WSB."

"I am more concerned about someone getting out than anyone getting in."

"You don't think that..." Simon shakes his head. He had been the one to retrieve the Mamacita when she'd gone for a walk just after arriving at the compound. "Never mind. I will see to it, Jefe."

"I will tell Mrs. Corinthos of the... precautions. Perhaps it will nip any problem in the bud."

"What problem?" Carly asks from the door. Her wet combed hair hangs down her back and she feels much better after the shower even if she did still feel like she'd pushed a watermelon thru an opening the size of an orange.

"I'll do that directly." Simon tells Alcazar. He then turns to Carly. "Congratulations, Senora."

"Thank you, Simon." Carly waits for him to leave. "What problem?"

"I've ordered Simon to double the guards on the compound. The WSB you understand." Alcazar gives his excuse wryly not fooling anyone and really not intending to.

"Right." Carly gives the word a long southern drawl. She takes the lit cigar away from Alcazar and takes a slow puff. It had been a long time since she had a cigar. A long long time. But even back then it had been a Cuban. It's Luke's preference. He might smoke something else on occasion but only if something had gone wrong with his supply. And it goes straight to her head. Carly closes her eyes and leans against one of the pillars of the balcony. Slowly she exhales and then hands the cigar back to Alcazar. "Where is Sonny?"

"I attempted to call him at both the penthouse and on his cell phone. There was no answer."

"Is he okay?" Carly demands taking a step toward Alcazar. "If anything has happened to Sonny..." The threat goes unfinished.

"Your son was able to get hold of Jason Morgan. Last I heard Mr. Morgan was sobering him up to put him on the plane." Alcazar shrugs. "Your husband's timing is not... fortuitous. I have upheld my part of the bargain. If your husband is careless it is neither my fault nor my responsibility. Good Evening, Mrs. Corinthos." Alcazar walks around the compound using the balcony to his rooms on the other side. He is about to retire for the evening when the in house phone rings. "Yes?"

"Jefe, this is Simon..."

"Did Mr. Corinthos make the flight?"

"No, Jason Morgan did."


"Do you want me to have the pilot turn the plane around?"

"No, bring him. What is the ETA?"

"Should be here by morning." Simon tells his boss.

"I'll want to see Mr. Morgan before he sees The Senora. And Simon?"


"No surprises." Alcazar hangs up the house phone and frowns as he considers this latest development. No matter what he had told Carly he had expected that somehow Corinthos would end up on the plane. He calls his man in Port Charles on his cell phone. "Find out what is going on. I want to know where Corinthos is at all times and with whom. " He slaps the cell phone shut.


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