The Compound





Three weeks later

Michael sits up on the second floor balcony of the compound outside of his mother's room. His legs are hanging over the edge with one of the posts between them. He'd gotten into the habit of keeping an eye on things. Kinda like Mama would do with Uncle Sonny, sitting on the top of the stairs back when they were in Port Charles. Mama takes a siesta every afternoon now. The baby makes her tired. And Mama wasn't too crazy about stairs either and avoided them a lot of the time. A lot of the time she'd crash on the couch down in the living room so she wouldn't have to be on them. But that was okay cause whatever Mama needed, he could get for her. Just like he could keep an ear and eye on things while she was taking her nap.

Here comes Simon. He's an okay guy. Kinda like Johnny or Max. Whenever Mama needed anything she'd ask Simon never wanting to bug the Jefe. That's what everyone calls Mr. Alcazar, El Jefe. Cept Mama. Mama called El Jefe Lorenzo, or Alcazar, or Mr. Alcazar or words he wasn't allowed to say unless he wanted to be nibbling on jabon. That's soap.

"Jefe." Simon gets Alcazar's attention from where he is looking over information while sitting by the pool.

"What is it?"

"The buyer is in Caracas already and should be boarding the plane to arrive this evening."

Alcazar looks at his watch. "Notify Carly after she wakes from her siesta. If she doesn't want to run the dinner don't press."

Simon nods. The Mamacita was getting close to her due date. Some days she went 90 miles an hour. Other days she fell asleep at the drop of the hat. El Jefe hadn't planned on having la Mamacita as his hostess it had just ended up that way over the many months Carly had been at the compound.

"The buyer is bringing someone with him."

Alcazar looks up at that. "Oh?"

"An Advisor." Simon nods at Alcazar. "That is what the buyer said. Our sources says that he is WSB."

"Does the buyer know?" Wondering if it is a trap.

"No Se, Jefe." Simon shrugs.

"Take extra precautions." Alcazar frowns. "I want to know exactly who this WSB is and why he is here."

Michael frowns too. He sits quietly waiting for the men to move off but he considers what he's heard. There was going to be a dinner. He never got to be at the dinners but instead ate early. Uncle Sonny never had anyone over for business but El Jefe did all the time. Simon had said WSB the way that Uncle Sonny used to say FBI. Mama would want to know that the bad men were coming. Maybe she shouldn't go to the dinner either.

While Michael is pondering and wondering what to do, Simon moves off. Alcazar doesn't look up from his paperwork. "Michael?" He calls out in a voice that carries.

"Sí Jefe?" Michael scrambles to his feet. He races around the balcony to the stairs that go down into the courtyard.

"You heard?"

"Bad men are coming to dinner."

Alcazar looks at Michael questioningly. "Why do you say they are bad?"

"The way that Mr. Simon said WSB. It's the same way Uncle Jason says FBI. Uncle Jason didn't like them." Lorenzo nods. Very observant on Michael's part. "I think Mama should have dinner with me and stay away from the bad men." Michael suggests.

"I will suggest it. But that is up to your mother. She is a grown woman and makes her own decisions." and takes the consequences of those decisions. Alcazar counters. But then he nods. "You need to stay away from my guests. Even more particularly with these. I think we should make them believe that you aren't here at all. That means nothing of you in the courtyard and no listening from the balcony."

"I'll be a secret."

It's a beautiful city, and not the worst he's been in, not by far. The well built man in the prime of his life turns away from the hotel window that looks over downtown Caracas and checks out the hotel room. The more jaded might say that if you've seen one hotel room you've seen them all. That would be a load of bull. An undercover WSB agent might luck into a five star hotel like this one. Or the next assignment count blessings to get a flea infested blanket under a roof that kept out most of the elements. This was one of the lucky assignments: observer, advisor, a technical noncombatant. Didn't mean that he didn't get to kick some ass if it came his way. Just that he couldn't go looking for it. The man cheers at that thought. It wasn't like the stories that his father used to tell. The WSB isn't for the cowboys anymore. Although that reminded him that he really did need to check in, his father had left a message with the front desk to call home.

The man puts his briefcase up on the desk. He closes the curtains to the outside. Probably too much of a precaution but you only needed to get burned once. He plugs into the modem that is provided by the hotel and starts routing thru secure channels until he finally connects with his boss, and his father. "Conner Donnelly checking in as requested!" Con mocks a salute for the webcam.

"You're looking good." Sean says pleasantly getting settled into his chair in his home office up in the United States. "Tiff worries. Wouldn't hurt to send her an email now and then."

"Oh just take a vid capture and give it to her." Con knows that his father is pulling his leg. His dad was the biggest worrywart where his kids were concerned while his wife was the one to jump in with both feet and then start to cha-cha. "So what's up? I got the message to check in early. Everything is copasetic here. Should be able to file my report and move on to the next. Nothing is going to get moving until Diego gets the second shipment of armaments he needs to really make a push."

"That's why I called. You remember me talking about Bobbie Jones?"

"Sure. Frisco's ex sister in law. Tiff's nephew Lucas' mom. I met her when I was in Port Charles." Con says confused by the question. "Something happen to Lucas?"

"He's fine. It's Bobbie's daughter that is in trouble. Her name is Caroline Corinthos. Bobbie thinks she and her son Michael are being held hostage by Lorenzo Alcazar."

Con whistles. "Diego is meeting with him tonight."

"Yeah, I was hoping you'd pick up your messages. I thought maybe Diego would head back to Alcazar for arms. Alcazar is the guy for grassroots to mid level insurrections. Lorenzo Alcazar has always been one to keep a low profile, not like his brother. But lately he's been even more secretive." Sean shakes his head and sends a quick document over the lines. "I'm sending you a picture of Carly and her son Michael that I got from Bobbie. I didn't say anything to her. What can you tell a mother when her daughter has hooked up with an international arms dealer?!"

Con takes a second and opens up the message with the attached picture. "She's pretty. Cute kid too."

"The picture was taken awhile ago. According to Bobbie, Carly is about nine months pregnant right now. Due any day."

"Excuse me?! What exactly do you want me to do, Dad?" Conner finally asks once the shock has worn off. He has the single man's fear of childbirth.

"Bobbie says that Carly and her son are hostage to make sure that Carly's husband a big import/export guy in the NE plays along with whatever dealings that Alcazar has in that corner of the world. Says that Alcazar has even let Sonny see Carly. But she's got no clue where her kid and grandchild are or how to get them back."

"You want me to pull a rescue on a kid and a due to give birth any second woman?"

"Just intel, son. Just get me the info and don't run up any flags. If you can find out if Alcazar has her and where, that will be more news than Bobbie has had for awhile. Her son in law is pretty well keeping her in the dark."

"What kinda priority are you putting on this, Dad?" Conner asks seriously.

"The report on Diego and the situation is what you're getting the big bucks for. But Bobbie is family, son. And I haven't seen her this wrecked since... well not in a long time."

"If she's even there. What's the most recent you have on Alcazar?"

"Sending now." Sean makes a few strokes on the keyboard. "Be careful, Conner."

His son just grins at him. "Talk to you later, Dad."


Carly finishes putting on her makeup and makes a face in the mirror. This was the last business dinner before her due date and she wasn't going to give Alcazar any excuse to not have Sonny here. For not letting her and her children go. "Too pregnant to fly. HA!" Carly mutters to herself. She reaches for the earrings that would go with this outfit. Earrings were easy. Make up is easy although her skin looked like shit and she'd developed an allergic reaction to her favorite perfume. Shoes, right hadn't seen those while upright in quite a bit. Pantyhose? Yet another instrument of Satan that she'd set aside until hell froze over.

On a day to day basis she didn't really care what she looked like. Other than worrying about scaring Michael, every thing that down played her looks was a plus in her book. Hair back in a pony tail, flip flops or other flats. The doctor told her that she could swim until she grew fins and gills. Even deliver the baby under water if she wanted. But that would be going too darn far. Although it would serve Alcazar right if she did deliver in his pool and he had to have the whole thing drained.

"Mama?" Michael comes out from under the bed with all the shoes that managed to get kicked under there. "Which ones do you want?"

"Thanks, Mister Man." Carly hangs on to the post and slides into a pair of shoes by feel alone. "Just shove the rest of them back underneath."

"I think that you should stay with me. We could lock the door and be really quiet. Jefe wouldn't mind. And he'll make the bad men go away."

"Michael? What on Earth?" Carly looks at her son. She sits down on the bed. "What brought this on? You've been like this ever since your dinner."

"Mr. Simon told Jefe that one of the men is lying to him. That he is really WSB trying to trick the Jefe. That's like the FBI." Michael explains.

Carly winces. "Yeah, you're definitely not getting anywhere near that table, Mister." Who knows what could go wrong. If there was some plan to take down Alcazar then the farther away Michael was the safer he'd be.

Michael nods. "Jefe says I'm a secret. I've already picked up all my stuff. And I'm going to lock everything up and I got a spot all picked out where I can have a flashlight on and not be seen from the outside."

Oh my gosh he's a Spencer! Carly caresses her son's face and brushes his hair down combing thru it with her fingers. She presses a kiss to Michael's temple. "You are so smart, Mister Man."

"You could stay with me, Mama. And then the WSB won't see you either. Jefe will get rid of them."

"The thing is, Michael, the WSB man is probably expecting to see me. So I have to be there. Otherwise he will stick around looking for me. So I'll make sure that he sees me and there is nothing keeping him from going along his way."

Alcazar stands out on the balcony listening to the whole conversation between Carly and Michael. Pregnancy had never stopped Carly from fighting her captivity. And he'd never allowed his guard to drop. The woman that Ric Lansing had caged and tethered deserved his respect. Once he'd gotten Carly away from Port Charles it had become increasingly clear how she'd managed to play both him and Lansing against each other almost successfully on a number of occasions. Not that Lansing had been difficult. For awhile there it seemed her pregnancy made her even more impulsive. She'd slowed down some but never so much as when Michael had come to stay with his mother. In the interest of making everything appear normal for her son, Carly had begun to cooperate with him. Even swear at him less often although there were still moments when her control slipped. Lorenzo reaches out and knocks on the frame of the louvered wooden door. "May I?"

Carly doesn't answer but Michael comes over and opens the door wider. "Mama says she is going to the dinner."

"I suspected as much." Lorenzo looks from Michael to Carly. He shakes his head. He could already see it. Carly was going to use this opportunity to pass some kind of message. "The plane is on it's way. Why don't you take a look in the courtyard to make sure none of your towels or toys are by the pool."

Michael nods and goes running past Alcazar and down the stairs to the courtyard.

"Talk fast." Carly uses the poster of the bed to get to her feet ignoring the hand that Alcazar extends to her. "Michael said he already got all of his things this afternoon. He won't be long." Carly goes over to the mirror and fusses with her hair even though it doesn't need it. Keeping her distance from Alcazar.

"I'm sure I don't have to remind you of your situation." Lorenzo reminds. "It is unlikely that this WSB agent is here for you. For Diego, or for me but a little housewife from Port Charles? Lorenzo comes up behind Carly looking at her in the mirror. He takes a diamond choker from out of his jacket pocket and holds it up so that Carly can see it in the mirror. Then he puts the necklace around her neck and fastens it. He rests his hands on her shoulders. "And depending on the agenda of this WSB, even if you appeared at the table in shackles with bruises on your face, they will do nothing. Diego wants his weapons. And this WSB..." Lorenzo shrugs. "Either he wants Diego to have these weapons or he doesn't."

"I get it. I'm the window dressing." Carly says thru gritted teeth but she doesn't shrug out from under Lorenzo's hands. "Keep things moving. That's the only reason I'm going to this thing. Cause the General might be all about the weapons but he'd ask questions if I didn't show up, since I was there last time. That might waste a few seconds of your precious time."

"I don't think he'd ask. But it is a possibility." Lorenzo toys with a lock of hair that had come loose from the fancy ponytail that Carly is wearing at the nape of her neck.

"I'll make sure that absolutely nothing goes wrong with this dinner."


"I want Sonny, I need Sonny here."

"Dinner first."


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