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The Florence House

A Catholic Church has a different prominence in a South America Country. It is the center of the village, a source of strength and counseling. Queen of Angels, back in Port Charles, is one of a great number of different churches, a poor church in a poor neighborhood that leans heavily on the few wealthy members of their congregation-- whatever their sins. Here, while the Church's influence is greater, the community is even poorer. Alcazar's support is what keeps a roof on the church and books in the school. So even though the Mother of the child isn't Catholic; even though Alcazar isn't married to the woman; even though the woman is married to another; even though everything is moving too quickly-- there will be a child baptized tonight.

Not that any of the principals, other than the priest, are pros in the baptism department. Jason has only been to his own and then Michael's. Then Emily had been giving him the clues all along the way. Michael didn't remember his own of course and he wasn't alter boy age yet. Carly had only been to Michael's and she'd still been disoriented by the trip back from Florida. She'd missed part of it and ended up sitting in the back pew next to Moreno of all people. And now she's having another baptism and she's not going to be able to understand a word of it. Really going to have to get those Spanish tapes. Even Michael is getting better at Spanish than she is.

The whole thing passes in a blur. Jason is the major player in the whole blessing-- swearing to take care of Morgan Leigh and to sponsor her in the church. Alcazar stands at Carly's back giving her prompts whenever she has to say something even filling in some of the blanks for her. Michael is back watching the whole thing and taking pictures. Morlee gives a displeased squeak when the holy water is poured over her head but is soon distracted by Jason's quiet reassurance.

Finally the priest starts reciting the Lord's prayer and gives his blessing to everyone there. Carly finally lets the last bit of air she'd been holding go. Another day of not getting struck by lightening.

Alcazar nods as the priest gives him a direction and turns to Jason and Carly. "There is some paperwork to be completed. Signatures needed." He follows the priest with a hand at Carly's back. He hangs back waiting until Jason has filled in his signature, Carly hers, and then when they are distracted with the baby he steps up and fills in the last blanks. Giving a hefty donation, Alcazar then takes the baptismal certificate, a document which often is used in lieu of a birth certificate in most places, and carefully folds it and puts it in his inside pocket. "Gracias Padre."

The priest nods and escorts them from the church.

"You have a flight to catch." Alcazar tells Jason. One bit of business over and now on to the next.

"Jason." Carly protests.

"Michael." Jason calls the boy over and carefully places Morlee in his arms. "I need to talk to your mom for a minute."

"Okay." Michael starts wiggling his eyebrows at the baby.

Jason takes Carly's arms and leads her away from the others. Carly gets the first word in. "I don't care if it's dangerous. You can't leave me here, Jason. Sonny needs me. I still remember some of the physical therapy training. I can help him, Jase."

"It's not that, Carly. You're right. I know you're right. Sonny needs you. You could help him. Sonny needs you whether he had a stroke or not. It's not that."


"The Sonofabitch is right. I'm going back to a turf war, Carly. Faith has been stirring things up. Alcazar stirred things up. Sonny was distracted. I was putting out fires already." literally. Jason realizes he didn't tell Carly about Sonny starting a bonfire on the roof of the Harborview towers with Faith's clothes on the day Morlee was born. "You just had a baby."

"I know. I was there." Carly reminds. "That's got nothing to do with anything really."

"I'm going to try to get Courtney to go to the island. Maybe I'll be able to talk her into it if she's getting things ready for Sonny. So he'll have a safe place to rehab." Jason shakes his head. "I just don't know. There is too much going on. I need to get back there and just..."

"Do it." Carly sighs. "Do you really have to sound like a Nike mobster commercial?"


"Never mind." Carly takes a deep breath and barely shakes her head not believing that she is going along with this. She throws herself into Jason's arms and gives him a big hug using the embrace to set her terms. "Tell Sonny I love him, and I'll find a way to get to the island so you won't even have to worry about Port Charles. Maybe that WSB agent will get me out of this."

"Carly!" Jason hisses in her ear. "You can't..."

"Mama was the one that called them, Jase. They might be after Alcazar but I'm going to get out of here. So get Sonny to the island. I'll do the rest."

Jason sighs and shakes his head. He walks back to where Alcazar is standing with Michael. The arms dealer is eyeing him with suspicion. Jason gets down on one knee to be on eye level with Michael. "I've got to go back to work, Buddy. I need you to take care of your mom."

"Okay, Uncle Jason. Will you tell Uncle Sonny I hope he feels better and I love him lots?"

Jason winces. It wasn't something he'd get used to and hopefully he wouldn't have to. "I'll tell your Daddy first thing." Jason gives Michael a kiss on the cheek and then a kiss to the top of Morlee's head. Jason turns to Carly and strings an arm around her neck and gives her another hug. He says in a voice loud enough to be heard. "Don't do anything. Not don't do anything stupid. Just don't do anything, Carly. Just take care of Michael, Morlee and yourself. I'll take care of Sonny." Jason gets into the waiting car, not waiting for a promise that isn't coming. He looks out the window to see Alcazar standing there with a hand at Carly's back and another on Michael's shoulder. He shakes his head. Courtney had told him about what Alcazar had said in Leon. That Carly wasn't a bargaining chip because she wasn't expendable. Carly and the kids would be safe with Alcazar which is something. Safer than he could make her in Port Charles where there are so many distractions. Cept for one thing-- she isn't safe from Alcazar. He had six weeks max to get Carly and her kids out of here. Anyone who challenged him in Port Charles would be sorry. "I don't have time to play."


Bobbie makes sure that the door is shut to her bedroom and then just to be on the safe side goes into the bathroom and shuts that door too before calling Sean. She hasn't done this kind of sneaking around since... she'd been married to Tony and flirting with Damien. And it's all to keep Lucas in the clear. Although she has serious questions as to what he's been up to lately. He's hardly ever around. Just the fact that she kept having to buy groceries indicated his presence. "Tiff, it's Bobbie. Is Sean there?"

"He's up to his ears at the computer but I know he was hoping you'd call." Tiffany hands the phone to Sean. Bobbie can still hear her. "It's Bobbie."

"Bobbie. I'm still working on getting a location."

"Alcazar has Conner. He wants a phone number where he can call you."


"He called me today. Let me talk to Carly. Says he'll let her call tomorrow and if you want Conner back then I'll have your number to give him." Bobbie closes her eyes. "What exactly did he say? Okay. There will be consequences for an agent entering his home under a cloak of lies but that his brother had worked with the WSB before. Does that sound right?"

"What is this guy up to?" Sean mutters. "Did he tell you what time?"

"He just said the same time... it was in the afternoon. He's got guys watching everything here, Sean. He says that my son-in-law's stroke was no accident. That one of his people saw a woman go into Sonny's room when she had no business being there. Two guys were waiting for me at Kelly's and knew that I'd left work early."

Sean whistles really not liking the sound of this. "What the hell is going on there in Port Charles? You got the inmates running the asylum or what?"

"Don't get me started." Bobbie counters wryly. "I have no idea what is going on Sean. You and Anna wouldn't recognize the place. Don't get me wrong I love Mac but he's not Robert. The PCPD..." Bobbie sighs. "And just when I think it can't get any worse they call in the FBI! Sean, the woman that gave Sonny the stroke works for the FBI. They have been useless in trying to get Carly back. It's all about Alcazar or Sonny and nobody cares about Carly or her baby!"

"Did you find out anything about that whole La Senora thing?" Sean asks.

Bobbie bites her lip. "That is probably a very long story. And I wasn't on the phone that long. Besides Alcazar was listening."

"I'm getting the feeling that you might not know the whole story but you have probably read the condensed version."

"A couple of times. Sean, Carly-- well... it's complicated."

"You have a place for me to crash?" Sean lets her off the hook.

"Vacant garden apartment all for you. When can you be here?" Bobbie hears Sean and Tiffany talking in the background then Sean comes back on the line.

"I'll catch a flight out tonight. Leave the porch light on."

"You got it." Bobbie breathes a sigh of relief. Finally something is going her daughter's way.


"You're impossible!" Carly snarls at Alcazar. She'd bitten her tongue while she'd been holding Morlee but once they were back at The Compound she'd sent Michael off with the Nanny and his sister.

"No. I am a man of my word. I vowed that you and your children would be safe. And if you can't make the decisions that will keep you safe then I will make them for you." Alcazar snarls back.

"By threatening Jason with a two front turf war?"

"That's up to you." Alcazar shrugs reining in his temper.

"Oh great that makes sense! First you say I can't make decision and then you say I need to make decisions. Kinda convenient for you isn't it? Just flip the rules around whenever they don't suit you?"

"Yes." Alcazar grins at her. He can't help it. But he is a bright man; he doesn't tell her she is beautiful when she's angry.

"And when it is safe?" Carly's demands. "Jason is going to get Sonny and Courtney out of there so he can focus on cleaning up the mess you started. Someplace where Sonny can start physical therapy. Are you going to change the rules then too?"

"I'll decide if I think it's safe." Lorenzo equivocates.

"Haven't you figured out by now-- I won't BREAK?! I'm not some kinda porcelain doll or fragile flower. I'm not Robin or Lily or..." Sophie. Carly paces away from Lorenzo and is almost at the door when she turns around. "Who am I kidding? It'll never be safe enough for you." Carly shakes her head. She opens her mouth to say something more and then slams out of Alcazar's office instead.

After she is gone Alcazar pulls the baptismal certificate out of his pocket and sets it on his desk examining it again before putting it in the safe. Hopefully it will never come to this. But nothing could happen to Carly, he'd make sure of it. If Morgan hadn't been so distracted and in a rush to get going he might have noticed. Sonny would have definitely noticed but he's kind of out of it right now. There was no reason for Carly to know since she isn't familiar with local custom although she probably would have kicked up a fuss but not as big a one as she's going to once she realizes the ramifications. No, she probably would have assumed that he had just overstepped never realizing exactly how much. Alcazar carefully puts the certificate of baptism for Morgan Leigh Alcazar Corinthos in his safe.


Jason spends the hours on the flight working and reworking his plans. Not that he can set anything in motion because there is no communication with the ground between Alcazar's compound and Port Charles. It's another way of trying to obscure the location of the compound. It wouldn't be too bad from the compound to Caracas but it's both annoying and boring from Caracas to Port Charles. First thing was to check on Sonny at General Hospital. Then Faith. Then Sammy. Sammy had a soft spot for Faith and had worked with her in the past. Taking out Sammy would probably mellow out the other four heads of the five families. And if it didn't well that was okay too. They'd been acting up ever since the first drug shipment had come thru Port Charles.
"Got to quit thinking like a hitter." Jason mutters to himself. "Have to think like a boss." He'd do Faith himself, it might not be an executive thing to do but even Sonny would have made an exception for that traitorous bitch. And... Marco would take out Sammy. Put Max in charge of beefing up security everywhere. It would really suck to lose the warehouse again. And Johnny would handle security for Courtney and Sonny doing the forward prep work for getting Sonny to the island. Call Maria and have her line everything up down there. Hell going to have to get in touch with Bobbie. She's probably going out of her mind. Jason sighs and then figures what the hell. There is nothing he can do until he gets back to PC. He kicks back on the couch and pulls his jacket over him for covering and goes to sleep. It might be his last chance for awhile.


Sean looks up from the sidewalk to the familiar brownstone. It had been awhile since he'd last been in Port Charles-- almost a decade. Bobbie always brought Lucas to see them in Boston or they'd meet up on vacation, whatever camp Lucas was attending for his diabetes. His time in Port Charles had been interesting and seldom boring. Bobbie had left the light on as promised. He carries his overnight bag and computer case in his left hand up the stairs to the front door, not particularly surprised when the door opens easily under his hand. "Bobbie?" He calls out softly.

"Sean!" Bobbie comes out of the family room. She gives him a hug. "It's good to see you."

"You too. Wish it were under better circumstances." Sean hugs her back.

Bobbie grimaces and takes a step back. She starts walking toward the Garden Apartment that had last been used by Lieutenant Taggart. "I know. I'm sorry about Conner, Sean."

"I'm still trying to get a handle on this guy, Alcazar. His brother was an open book. Fun and games with his little brunette. Wining, dining and dealing all thru Europe and South America. The little bit Conner gave me has the WSB weenies reevaluating some of their intelligence. Does Lorenzo really look that much like Luis?"

Bobbie nods as she opens up the door of the apartment and flips on the lights. She hands the keys to Sean. "Lorenzo wore a beard for awhile but without it he looks just like Luis. Even with the beard it was obvious they were peas out of the same pod."

Sean winces. He drops his bags on the breakfast bar of the small kitchen. "Okay. Well the WSB had discounted about half of the sightings they had for Alcazar cause it was two places at the same time. Guess we can add those back in." including a few disappearances of business opponents. "And what brought him here to Port Charles?"

Bobbie decides this is going to take awhile and since Sean seems wide awake anyway she puts the tea kettle on. "The Little Brunette you were talking about. I guess you didn't look at those pictures too carefully. It was Brenda Barrett. Everyone here thought she was dead. And evidently Luis thought it would be better if Brenda didn't have anything to come back to. He came after Sonny Corinthos. He came after Jasper Jacks. He ended up on the business end of a steak knife and shoved over a railing of his hotel room."


"No, Alexis Davis, a Cassadine."

"Ouch." Sean shakes his head. "You know I haven't missed Port Charles, not one bit. Boston is a great town. So nice and mellow. Do the virtual office thing. Spend a lot of time with Tiffany and little Anna who is not so little anymore. Leave the wild and crazy stuff to the youngsters."

"Sean Donnelly, don't you try to kid a kidder. You know you'd want to be right there with Conner if you could."

"Maybe. But that's not about being WSB. That's about being a dad." Sean looks at Bobbie. "So what's the abridged version. I've got some of it over the years-- letters, phone calls, visits. But how in the heck did your daughter end up being La Senora?"

Bobbie lets the silence between them go long and then finally tries to explain. At least as well as she can. "Carly is smart. She's beautiful. She's a Spencer with all the good and bad that go along with that."

Sean grins at that. He'd known Bobbie for a long long time. And considering the last bullet he took had been from Luke... he knows Spencer's.

"And I think she hates herself." Bobbie swallows hard on that admission. She distracts herself from crying by making tea. "I'm sure that Virginia did the best she could but Carly was lied to all her life. She was abandoned over and over, I was just the start."

"Bobbie, knock it off." Sean says sternly. "Just get to it."

"Anyway.." Bobbie pushes a mug of tea Sean's way. "Carly is actually a very old fashioned girl. She judges herself on the man she is with. He's got to be the most powerful, the richest, most successful."


"No!" Bobbie insists. "Sonny."

"That punk?! I know that Luke and Sonny are tight but..." Sean shakes his head.

Bobbie laughs. "Things have changed a bit since you left you know that. Sonny got married; his wife died. He was left all of her family's assets. He took over the territory. The Smith's are gone. Scully is gone. Henry Silver is gone. Moreno is gone. Sonny and Luke don't really speak anymore. When Carly first hit town she connected with Tony. I told you and Tiff about that. And then it was Jason. And then it was AJ. And then it was Sonny. And she and Sonny fight like cats and dogs. They've been married three times. They've been together for five years but it's probably a lot less if you count all the time they've been apart. But Carly says she loves Sonny."

Sean lasers a look at Bobbie. There was a little too much emphasis on Carly says. "What do you think?"

"I think it's Carly's life." Sean gives her another look. "Okay fine, I think he treats Carly terribly. And I don't like it. She should have kicked him to the curb long ago. He was emotionally abusive always putting Carly down. Sending her to her room like she's a three year old."

"She might be better off in her room."

"She might be better off out of that marriage! But that doesn't mean that she should hook up with the bigger fish!" Bobbie blurts.

Both of Sean's brows go up at that. "Oh?"

"Look. Sonny didn't tell me what was going on alright? I didn't know that Carly had been kidnapped by Ric Lansing from Jason's wedding to Sonny's sister. I didn't know that this Alcazar person had kidnapped Carly from Ric! I didn't know that Carly almost lost the baby at six months on the run with a drug lord down in Colombia! Sonny didn't tell me. Jason didn't tell me. Scott Baldwin, the DA, my ex, didn't tell me. I didn't find out anything until I saw my son in law declaring my daughter dead on the local television while kissing on some ho that was comforting him!"


Bobbie sighs and reins in. "He figured out that Ric had Carly. And decided that he'd take Carly in exchange for Sonny moving some... stuff for him."



"Bobbie, the Alcazars don't deal drugs. They are arms dealers. Conner said that the deal he saw was all about wire transfers. Cash. Not drugs."

"There is a lot of money in drugs." Bobbie suggests.

"Yes. And a lot of heat, mess and hassle. For the most part the guns are legal! Can you think of another reason why Alcazar would want Sonny to move drugs?"

Bobbie frowns. "The best person to ask would probably be Courtney. Or Jason. Courtney was Alcazar's hostage for awhile, before he got Carly back. Sonny's been going to wherever Alcazar has been holding Carly about every month or so but he's in no condition to talk. And Jason well Jason probably won't talk to you."


Jason quietly makes his way to the ICU. In the family section he sees Mike and Courtney both racked out on the uncomfortable couches. Jason goes over to Courtney and puts a hand on her shoulder. "Hey."

"Jason?" Courtney wakes abruptly. "Jason!" She throws her arms around him. "You saw her, them?"

"Carly's fine. The baby is fine." Jason searches his pocket and pulls out a cheap plastic disposable camera. "Here. Michael took the pictures. When you get it printed up you'll probably want to get double or triple prints. How is he?"

Tears fill Courtney's eyes. "Oh Jase." She shakes her head. "We only get to see him a few minutes an hour. Tony Jones says that the first 24 hours are critical and that is nearly up. And that once he stabilizes that's when we'll know just how bad it is. He's paralyzed on the right side. His speech is affected."

"The guards. There were guards on him."

"Well sure. Max. He only left to get Sonny something to wear. His clothes were cut off him down in the ER. It was a stroke. Jason, Carly almost had one when she fell thru the ice trying to get Michael that time. I did some reading. Drinking too much can do it to. It can cause a brain incident. Jason, he almost died just from the alcohol poisoning. If Max hadn't got him here...."

"I want to see Sonny." Jason gives Courtney a kiss on the forehead and runs a hand over her hair. "Things are going to get...."


"Yeah." Jason admits. "I need to get you clear. I want to have tonight. I know I shouldn't. I should send you away now. Send you down to the island to get things ready for Sonny to go down there until he gets better. But I can't do it."

"Sonny's going to the island?" Courtney rests both of her hands on Jason's thighs, trying to gauge exactly what is going on.

"It isn't safe for him here. I could set him up in a safe house but everyone coming and going.... It doesn't work. The island would be better but I need to get the prep work done. " Jason leans in so that he is whispering in Courtney's ear. "There is no way Carly could come back here. Alcazar knows too much, sees too much. If she gets away she'll go to the island."

Courtney nods seeing the reason of that. "Go see Sonny. I'll be here when you get out."

Jason gives her a brief hard kiss and then gets to his feet and goes in to see his boss, mentor, and brother. When he gets to the door he waves Max in with him. He then proceeds to ignore Max while he goes to see Sonny. Even the quiet noise of a chair being moved wakes Sonny.

"Jase." The name is slurred and barely comprehensible.

Jason pulls a chair next to Sonny's bed. "Carly's fine. She had a baby girl. Named her Morgan Leigh. Carly said you'd talked about that." Sonny starts getting agitated. Jason leans over and puts a hand on Sonny's arm. "Don't. Just let me fill you in. You work on getting better. Your drinking didn't cause the stroke. Alcazar has men all over. No real surprise there. They saw Faith Roscoe come into your room here. She comes out and next thing you know you're having a stroke." Jason looks at the IV significantly. "She must have decided a heart attack would have been too obvious."

Then he looks at Max who had straightened as soon as Jason said that the drinking hadn't caused the stroke. He'd been waiting for the other shoe. It isn't long in coming.

"Bitch." Sonny mutters. The only reason Jason can understand it, is he'd been thinking the same thing.

"Yeah." Jason looks at Max. "And that problem is going to disappear permanently. Because if it doesn't then you become the problem, don't you, Max?"

"Jason, I..."

"I don't want to hear it. There is going to be fish food at the end of pier 53. It's your call whether its the bitch that poisoned Sonny on your watch or you."

"I'll take care of it." Max nods and turns to leave.

"Oh and Max?"


"Make sure you call someone to cover here."

Max flushes but nods and leaves.

Jason turns his focus back to Sonny. He can see the knowledge in Sonny's eyes. There isn't any softening of the blow. "I'm taking over, Sonny. I'm going to have to bring the hammer down to stop things from blowing up. Faith is just the first step. I'm going to bring the five families to heel... or their seconds will be more reasonable."


"I figure we got six weeks or less to get Carly and the kids back before Alcazar starts acting on what he's been wanting since Colombia. There is no way that Carly can come back to Port Charles. Alcazar knows exactly where to look for her here."


Jason nods. "I'm going to send Courtney down, I told her it was to set up things for your rehab. Which could be true enough. Sonny, if Carly gets away she's going to head to the island."

"No. Dang'us."

Snorting Jason nods. "You think I didn't tell her that? She's not going to wait for us, man. Bobbie called in the WSB. The agent made contact with Carly. She figures if she can't get out on her own then she'll get out with them."


"I'm not crazy about the idea either." Jason admits. "But neither of us are in a position to stop her if she wants to do something crazy and I'm not going to be the one to tell Alcazar that she's planning on escaping to come to you. The only thing I can do is make it as safe as possible and be ready for anything. That means as soon as Dr. Jones..." Jason rolls his eyes. "... says you're stable, I'm going to break you out of here and get you down to the island."

Sonny blinks. It's easier than nodding. Even if it looks like a wink.

A nurse comes into the room. "You can't be in here. It's after visiting hours. Mr. Corinthos needs his rest."

"Yeah. I'll come see you in the morning, Sonny. I should have some news. And I'll have Courtney get the roll of film developed so you can see your daughter." Jason stands up. "Get some sleep, Sonny. Don't think you'll have time for it later." Jason gives his arm a squeeze and then goes out into the hall where Johnny is standing guard. Jason gives Johnny a nod and then goes over to Courtney. "Lets go home. Your Dad or Johnny will give us a call if there is a problem."

Courtney cuddles in next to Jason. She wraps her arm around his waist. He has his around her shoulder. There are going to be big changes. She'd known it from the moment that Tony Jones had told them about her brother's stroke. Her man was no longer the Lieutenant of Sonny Corinthos. He was in control of a crucial port and distribution network along the eastern seaboard. They weren't gunning for her brother anymore.


Alcazar is just finishing up a late call when he sees the light come on across the compound up on the balcony level. Wondering if Carly could already be planning her escape, he makes his way over to the louvered door and opens it, listening from the doorway.

"Hey Lil Miss, you trying to wake your big brother?" Carly coos. "Mama's right here." She lifts Morlee checking quickly to see if she is wet. Nope. Must be the other end. "Are you hungry?" Carly gets settled in a chair and brings Morlee to her breast. As soon as Morlee is having a post midnight snack, her eyes close blissfully. "Well I can tell already. You've got your daddy's eyes, and dimples." Carly runs a hand over Morlee's face tracing the shape of her eyebrows and the curve of her jaw.

"Is she alright?" Alcazar asks quietly.

Carly frowns at him and grabs a throw from off the floor bringing it up to cover her from shoulder past the baby and to her lap. "We're fine. You can go."

Alcazar instead takes a seat across from Carly angling it so that he is not staring. "Morgan doesn't waste any time."

Carly looks down at the baby and then realizes that Lorenzo means Jason. "What happened."

"Faith Roscoe will no longer be a problem."

"Gee. I'm all broken up by that." Carly rolls her eyes. "Murdering bitch will rot in hell."

"Without doubt." Alcazar agrees. "And your Mother wastes no time either. Sean Donnelly has moved into her home."

Carly gives him a look. "The brownstone is split into apartments."

"I was in no way impugning your Mother's good name." Lorenzo says wryly.

Carly snorts at that. The comment and the idea of the Spencer's being a good name. "Guess you haven't done your research on the good name of the Spencer's."

"Ah yes, an Uncle Luke was mentioned last night while you were on the phone to your Mother. Someone that will come to steal my cigars? And he will find this compound despite all of my precautions."

"Don't underestimate the appeal of a good cigar and if he found out about your liquor stash... well he'd be here by this weekend." Carly gets serious. "What about Sonny?"

"Still in ICU and will be until he sees a doctor tomorrow. His doctors name is Dr. Jones." Alcazar sees the wince. It's a name that keeps popping up. "The paralysis remains on the right side affecting movement and speech." He can see that the subject is upsetting Carly. "There will be no news until morning and I will inform you of the update as soon as I get it." as much as is appropriate. "Now tell me more about this Uncle Luke I should be warning the guards about."

Carly smiles wryly. "I was told Uncle Luke is the one that first held me when I was born. That he handed me to my Mother and he was the one that arranged for her to give me up. But my first real memory of Uncle Luke? He had his hands around my throat and was ready to snap my neck but couldn't do it because I have my mother's eyes. He told me to get out of Port Charles or he would kill me. I believed him and ran to the one person that I trusted for help."

Lorenzo's eyes narrow as he pieces together all the bits of stories that have been exchanged over the last few months. "Jason."

Carly nods. "Always."


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